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FollowApp is revolutionising dental care by prioritising patient satisfaction, seamlessly integrating with your practice’s existing software to capture meaningful feedback post-appointments. Our innovative approach nurtures stronger patient-practice relationships whilst also propelling business growth by proactively addressing concerns and enhancing the overall care experience.

Capture 40% NPS feedback

Increase revenue, patient retention and much more

Increase Rebookings

Our clients typically experience a minimum of 8% rise in rebookings

Elevate your marketing

Quadruple your number of reviews, improving SEO and patient trust in the process

Personalised Post-appointment Care

Enhance your dental practice with FollowApp’s engagement tools, designed to customise the care journey by tailoring communications to meet individual patient needs, thus deepening the bond between patient and practice.

This approach not only improves patient satisfaction and loyalty, leading to repeat business and stable revenue but also fosters a positive reputation for your practice.

Whether for a small practice offering intimate care experiences or a larger group aiming to maintain a personal touch across many practices, FollowApp elevates patient loyalty and retention.

Automate Patient Feedback

Elevate your dental practice with FollowApp’s automated feedback system, which ensures every patient’s voice is heard post-appointment, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and deepening patient satisfaction.

This innovative approach not only streamlines the feedback process, reducing the need for manual follow-ups and operational costs but also enhances efficiency, allowing your team to prioritise patient care.

Essential for both small and large practices, FollowApp guarantees consistent engagement and service quality, making it an indispensable tool for modern dental care.

Unlock Actionable Insights

Discover the power of data with FollowApp. Our platform transforms feedback into actionable insights, empowering your practice with data-driven decisions to boost care quality and efficiency.

These insights drive strategic and competitive improvements, from patient care enhancements to better resource allocation; positively affecting practice efficiency, staff engagement, patient satisfaction and service offerings.

Grow Your Online Presence

Enhance your dental practice’s digital footprint with FollowApp by harnessing positive patient feedback to improve online reviews, helping to reduce new patient acquisition costs.

In today’s digital landscape, a robust online presence is vital for growth.

Use FollowApp to strengthen your market position, attracting new patients and boosting market share and revenue potential.

Facilitating over 130,000 monthly patient interactions

How FollowApp Works

Harness the power of real-time insights to proactively address patient concerns, refine experiences, and propel your practice toward sustainable growth and watch your reputation soar.

Transform Your Dental Practice with Patient-Driven Insights

FollowApp is a comprehensive tool for dental practices, combining post-appointment patient care with patient feedback and online review requests; helping you look after your patients and enhance your business.

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