Security for Patients

We keep your data safe

We are a trusted software supplier to dental practices and healthcare organisations, with ISO27001 accreditation.

Find out more about why our customers trust us below.

How we protect your data

  • All staff received training in best practices for data handling.
  • We encrypt your data and store it in a secure data centre.
  • We are externally audited as part of our ISO27001 accreditation



FollowApp software makes it easier for your dentist to communicate with you. Dentists use our technology to:

  • share information with you (e.g. to send you a post-appointment care guide), or
  • to collect information from you (e.g. through surveys) or
  • to chat with you (e.g. to answer a question you’ve asked).

Communications can be initiated manually, or triggered automatically; but the communications you receive are always determined by your healthcare provider.

FollowApp receives some basic information about you from your healthcare provider. This is strictly limited to the information necessary for the job we do (e.g. we cannot send you an SMS without knowing your mobile number).

This data includes:

  • Your demographic details (title, name, date of birth, gender)
  • Your contact details (mobile number, email address)
  • Some basic information about your appointment(s) (date / time, status, treatment codes, dentist codes)

The legal basis for processing this information and sending transactional communications is ‘legitimate interest’. In some cases, FollowApp may also be used to send promotional communications, but this will only ever happen with explicit consent from you.

You can read more in our privacy policy.

We have external audits which check that our data security meets high standards. Specifically, we are ISO27001 accredited and you can view our certificate here.

We will only use your data for the purposes that have been agreed and we will never sell your data.

Should you wish not to be contacted by your dental practice, we provide a method for patients to update their communications preferences. This includes the ability to opt out completely.

The SMS messages we send are completely safe to use; links will normally include and will come from your dentist. However, we know that potential scammers might exist. If you remain unsure, please reach out to us at