Take your business to the next level with us

FollowApp.Care helps you increase patient retention and patient acquisition

Using AI technology, we individualise patient communication strategies to maximise the likelihood of engagement and success.   

Features that will transform your business

Personalised Aftercare

Automatically send patients customised post-procedure health check-ins to monitor them after their procedure.

Appointment Confirmation

Optimise the operational efficiency of your practices by minimising no-show rates.


We make it easy for your patients to refer a friend. Just one click. Satisfied patients lead to high quality patient referrals.


We make it easy for your patients to let you know about their experience at your clinic. Patients want you to perform better each time, let us help you find out how.


Personalised data-driven recalls bring your patients back to the clinic more frequently. Let's keep your patients informed, in charge of their health, and in your care.

Staff performance monitoring

We monitor the performance of clinic staff to inform and update your management, incentive and talent retention strategies.

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