Explore FollowApp’s innovative technology that enhances patient aftercare and practice management.

Trusted by thousands of dentists worldwide

Discover a technology that transforms patient care and elevates your practice with FollowApp. Our platform extends beyond conventional software, integrating comprehensive features and customised support to enrich every patient interaction.

With our end-to-end care management platform and dedicated account managers, FollowApp is not just a tool but a partner in driving patient satisfaction, engagement, and business growth. Embrace the future of dental care with technology designed for today’s dynamic healthcare landscape.

FollowApp delivers value across your practice


Increase patient engagement by 40% to help grow satisfaction


Granular NPS data to help you drive continuous improvement


Increase rebookings by 8% with post-appointment prompts


Increase monthly google reviews by at least 4x to attract new customers

How FollowApp Works

1. Personalised Aftercare

Your patient will receive follow-ups via SMS or email, tailored to the type of treatment they received.

2. Managing Patient Needs

Should patients respond with a question or concern, you’ll be alerted via the FollowApp platform. Responding to patients is as simple as a click or a call.

3. Patient Satisfaction

Once your patient’s concerns are taken care of, they’ll receive a quick survey asking them for feedback on their experience.

4. Online Review

Once feedback is received, patients are prompted to leave an online review. Prioritising the patient experience at your practice organically results in a positive online reputation for your business.

FollowApp delivers value across your practice

Designed for the dental industry



Seamless integration


Performance Analytics

With analytics dashboards, you receive a high level of overview of your patients’ engagement rates as well as what they think of your practice and the clinicians who work there. Dashboards also provide intelligent sentiment analysis that is based on the feedback patients leave through Natural Language Processing.

For higher satisfaction, improved operational efficiency, increased patient retention and referrals, FollowApp is your comprehensive solution for creating happy patients and raising your operational bottom line.

Connect with your existing software

FollowApp seamlessly integrates with your existing software ecosystem, enhancing your practice’s efficiency without the need for any major changeovers. Connect effortlessly to leverage comprehensive insights and improve patient engagement through streamlined processes.

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Keeping your data safe

As a trusted software provider for hundreds of practices worldwide, we take data protection very seriously. Click below to find out what data we process, why we process it and how it’s used for practices and patients.

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