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Find out how FollowApp is helping Dentex to better connect with their patients


Find out how FollowApp is helping Real Good Dental secure positive patient feedback

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Find out how Queensway Orthodontics use FollowApp to balance the best of technology with a human touch


Find out how FollowApp makes life easier for independent practices such as Dental Hygiene Studio


Find out how FollowApp helps Canon House deliver a high level of customer service


Find out how Brite dental use FollowApp for both their NHS and private patients.

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"Only then [with FollowApp] can we give them [patients] that warm fuzzy feeling of being really well looked after"
Guy Deeming - Specialist Orthodontics
Queensway Orthodontics
"An invaluable service, and we wouldn't be without it"
Jules Fisher
The Dental Hygiene Studio