We bring personalised, automated and patient-centric communications to your business

Outcomes which align with your business goals

Patients feel valued

Our patient journeys are centred around patient care. By enforcing this principle, we know that FollowApp communications make patients feel well cared for and not ‘marketed at’. This is the secret to the results we deliver.

Increase in bookings

Happier patients are more likely to return. And we help make this happen by facilitating re-booking when patients don’t have a future appointment arranged.

Proactively resolve issues

We analyse patient responses to proactively flag problems early. Whether we identify a patient in pain, or some negative feedback, we alert you to issues and help you resolve them.

Better patient insight

Patient feedback holds valuable business insight. We analyse all responses and present the results back to you in a simple dashboard.

Enhance your online reputation

We make it easier for your happy patients to leave you reviews online. And more reviews, with better ratings, attracts new business.

Reduced administration

Our system is highly automated, requiring minimal support. The equivalent work (individually calling up all patient post-appointment) is often unrealistic, so let us check-up on patients for you.

How It Works

1. Integrations

Integrations with your Practice Management System automatically extract the data we need. Certain events, for example appointments, will trigger patient communications.

2. Communications

Patients communications are optimised to make patients feel cared for, while checking up on health, requesting feedback and more..

3. Results

Results are analysed and collated in a FollowApp web application where clinics can resolve any flagged issues, or sit back and watch FollowApp work for them.

Explore Our Features

Review our rich feature set to see how FollowApp can help you. 

We already integrate with many leading practice management systems. 

We monitor patient recovery after appointments and flag any issues. 

Resolve any issues with patient web chat direct from your FollowApp platform.

All communications are personalised with actual patient, doctor and centre details.

Generate google reviews by asking patients to leave reviews in an unobtrusive manner.

Issues are proactively identified and problems raised directly with the users who need to know.

Start measuring patient feedback through a Net Promoter Score, and collecting comments.

Increase re-booking rates with online recalls

View all patient interactions and results in a single place through our dashboard.

Download your data at any time

We take data security very seriously in everything we build.

Talk to us about white labelling our product.

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