No two patients are alike,
so why treat them the same?

A data-driven solution

Unlike other patient communication services, FollowApp.Care effortlessly uses population level insights on behaviour and communication patterns to drive up patient engagement, operational efficiency and revenue growth through Artificial Intelligence.

Be the provider your
patients want you to be

Using data analytics and behavioural science to understand each individual patient you treat, we help you to connect with patients on a personal level.

FollowApp.Care allows you to provide personalised care to every patient with targeted communications and individualised recall recommendations based on their health record. Our approach encourages patients to take action. 


What can you expect from our technology?


FollowApp Care adds a new stage to the patient journey: personalised aftercare. Our automated communication strategy accompanies patients through out their post-treatment journey – improving health outcomes, driving patient satisfaction, and ultimately increasing the amount of high quality referrals.

INCREASE THE frequency of patient visits

FollowApp.Care optimises your recall strategy by using health records to bring patients to your clinics more often for preventative care. Let’s keep your patients informed, in charge of their health, and in your care.

Improve staff performance and motivation

FollowApp.Care monitors the performance of clinic staff to help inform and update your management strategies and incentives.  By providing actionable insights on performance  in monthly reports at a group, clinic and clinician level, we help you to identify room for growth and improvements. 

Trusted by our partners

FollowApp has developed a platform that uniquely understands our requirements and delivers positive outcomes to our patients.  The team is knowledgeable and consistently produce modern technological solutions that are at the forefront of the dental industry. I highly recommend FollowApp as an integrated engagement solution.”


“FollowApp.Care has allowed us to generate learnings for outcomes research and facilitate an improved process for student-faculty evaluation. This tool has also show that mobile monitoring is an effective and forward-thinking approach to better post treatment care at UTHSC”

DR CIMARA FORTES – DDS, MS, PHD, MDS, University of Tenessee, US

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