The Power of Authenticity: 5 Reasons Why Google Reviews Can Trump Google AdWords in Building Trust

In the digital age, businesses are continually seeking effective ways to establish their online presence and attract patients. Google Reviews and Google AdWords are two prominent tools that can significantly impact a company’s online presence. In fact, 77% of patients start their search on websites like Google when finding healthcare (source: PewResearch*). While both play crucial roles, we believe that there are 5 simple reasons why Google Reviews are more important than Google AdWords when it comes to building trust and credibility.

1. The Authenticity of Your Patients

Google Reviews provide an authentic reflection of patient experiences with a business. Potential patients often rely on the opinions and feedback of others to make informed decisions and they value the quantity of reviews they see, the overall rating and the individual reviews themselves. Genuine reviews act as social proof, offering insights into the quality of products or services. In contrast, Google AdWords, while effective in driving traffic, can be perceived to be biassed since they are paid advertisements.

2. The Trustworthiness of Your People

Trust is a fundamental element in the consumer decision-making process. Reviews, being user-generated content, contribute to the establishment of trust between businesses and their patients. Positive reviews build confidence, that’s clear for most to see. But practices can also showcase their dedication to patient satisfaction by responding to negative reviews. On the other hand, AdWords is a paid for product and because of that may not evoke the same level of trust.

3. The Credibility of Your Reputation

Google Reviews contribute to a business’s long-term credibility. Over time, a collection of positive reviews establishes a solid online reputation, making it more likely for potential patients to choose a business. AdWords, on the other hand, provide short-term visibility but do not contribute to long-term credibility as they vanish once the advertising budget is exhausted or when a competitor outbids you.

4. The Visibility of Your Business

Google’s search algorithm considers user-generated content, including reviews, when ranking websites. A business with a substantial number of positive reviews is likely to rank higher in search results, leading to increased organic visibility without having to pay for search engine optimization (SEO). This organic visibility is not directly influenced by AdWords campaigns and relies more on the content and interactions within the review platform.

5. The Efficiency of Your Marketing:

While Google AdWords can incur significant costs, acquiring reviews is a cost-effective marketing strategy. Encouraging patients to leave honest reviews not only enhances online visibility but also serves as a free and sustainable marketing tool. It provides ongoing benefits without the need for continuous financial investment.


In conclusion, while Google AdWords can play a crucial role in driving immediate traffic to a website, Google Reviews are indispensable for building trust, credibility, and long-term relationships with patients.The authenticity of your patients, trustworthiness of your people, credibility of your reputation, visibility of your business and efficiency of your marketing provided by Google Reviews make them, in our opinion, far more important than AdWords in the ever-evolving landscape of online business. A balanced approach that incorporates both strategies can be optimal, yet prioritising genuine customer feedback should be at the forefront of any dental practice looking to grow their practice.