The communications as shown below will be sent on your behalf as part of the Essentials Plan with COVID Screening.
The screening questions included follow the guidelines of the British Dental Association or American Dental Association as appropriate to your location. As such, the content of these communications and screening questions are not customisable. These questions may be updated in accordance to updates to these official guidelines. 
Please note any content within [brackets] will be replaced by your patient, staff and office data as described.
Step 1. 08:00 AM: 1 Day Before Appointment – Pre-Screen

Content delivered via SMS:
[Patient First Name], for your safety please complete this mandatory COVID pre-check before your appointment at [Organization Name]. [URL to complete pre-screen] Thanks

Step 2. 07:30 AM: Day of Appointment – Pre-Screening Confirmation

Content delivered via SMS:
[Patient First Name], please confirm there are no changes since yesterday’s check-in before your appointment today [URL to complete pre-screen] Thank you

Step 3. Post-Treatment Monitoring

Content delivered via SMS:
[Patient First Name], we would like to see if you are OK after your appointment. Please complete this 1min health check [URL to check-in] [Organization Name]

Check-in questions are dependent on the treatment type selected when visit is added as shown in previews below. Timing of message send is relative to appointment day, where Day 1 = 1 day after the appointment.
Monitoring Crown/Bridge fit on implant/teeth (sent on Days 1 and 3)
Monitoring Endodontics (sent on Days 1 and 3)
Monitoring Fillings (sent on Day 1)
Monitoring Implant or Extraction (sent on Days 1 and 3)
Monitoring Invisalign (sent on Day 1)
Monitoring Orthodontics (sent on Days 2 and 5) 
Monitoring Orthodontics/Invisalign End of Treatment (sent on Day 2) 
Monitoring Cleaning (sent on Day 1) 
Step 5. 09:00 AM: Day After Last Monitoring Message – Feedback 

Content delivered via SMS:
[Patient First Name], could you please spare 1 minute to give us your valuable feedback? Click here: [URL to check-in] [Organization Name]

Step 4. 09:00 AM: 14 Days After Appointment – COVID-19 Check-in

Content delivered via SMS:
[Patient First Name], to help keep everyone safe, please complete this final COVID check [URL to check-in] Thank you, [Organization name]

To read the full Terms of Service for this Agreement, click here. If you have any questions please contact help@followapp.care
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