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Access tutorials for common actions completed on the FollowApp Care platform.

first steps

Logging in for the first time

Signing in to the platform is the first step to getting started.

Adding a patient

Once a patient is added, you are able to create visits for them, and send them the appropriate communications.

Adding a visit

For your patients to receive the necessary communications from your practice, you will be required to add appointment details.

Adding staff as a user

Create new users for your admin, doctors, hygienists, and managers.

Adding a note on a patient profile

Leaving a note on a patient’s health check-in response can be useful for your practice to document important information.

day to day actions

Resolving an alert

When a patient responds to a health check-in, some responses will elicit an Alert, allowing you to see any issues that a patient may be having.

Chatting to a patient

Chatting with a patient is useful to get more information on their condition or manage feedback appropriately.

Editing or cancelling a visit

Halt a message set if a patient has cancelled or postponed an appointment and you would like to stop scheduled communications.

Immediately send a scheduled message

Force send a message if you would like a patient to receive a particular communication immediately (prior to its scheduled send time).


Reset your password

If you’ve forgotten your password for FollowApp.Care, we will show you the process to creating a new password.


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