The communications as shown below will be sent on your behalf as part of the Essentials Plan.
Please note any content within [brackets] will be replaced by your patient, staff and office data as described.
Step 1. Post-Treatment Monitoring

Content delivered via SMS:
[Patient First Name], we would like to see if you are OK after your appointment. Please complete this 1min health check [URL to check-in] [Organization Name]

Check-in questions are dependent on the treatment type selected when visit is added as shown in previews below. Timing of message send is relative to appointment day, where Day 1 = 1 day after the appointment.
Monitoring Crown/Bridge fit on implant/teeth (sent on Days 1 and 3)
Monitoring Endodontics (sent on Days 1 and 3)
Monitoring Fillings (sent on Day 1)
Monitoring Implant or Extraction (sent on Days 1 and 3)
Monitoring Invisalign (sent on Day 1)
Monitoring Orthodontics (sent on Days 2 and 5) 
Monitoring Orthodontics/Invisalign End of Treatment (sent on Day 2) 
Monitoring Cleaning (sent on Day 1) 
Step 2. Day After Last Monitoring Message – Feedback 

Content delivered via SMS:
[Patient First Name], could you please spare 1 minute to give us your valuable feedback? Click here: [URL to check-in] [Organization Name]

To read the full Terms of Service for this Agreement, click here. If you have any questions please contact help@followapp.care
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