How FollowApp Essentials helped Vitaldent Increase Retention and Boost Patient Satisfaction

Why retention is key for the growth of your business?

Did you know the acquisition of a new patient costs nearly 5 times more than the retention of an existing one? Furthermore, studies by Bain & Company, along with Earl Sasser of the Harvard Business School have shown that increasing customer retention by 5% increases profits from 25-95%.* How do you improve your patient retention rate? By increasing their satisfaction. Here is where FollowApp.Care can help you since it increases the number of highly satisfied patients by attending to them until their health is restored. It uses personalised follow-ups, early complication detection, and alerts you when a patient is not happy or not recovering well. It also boosts positive online reviews to grow your online reputation which help you attract new patients.

How does post treatment monitoring improve satisfaction?

The principle behind this is the give & receive one. We firstly care for the patients asking them how they are doing in the recovery phase and then, once their health is fully restored, we ask them to tell us how we did. This approach helps us get 2-3 times higher engagement from your patients and therefore, increase the number of highly satisfied patients that promote your brand.




Vitaldent was born as a fast care brand with all marketing efforts focused on attracting new patients. In 2016 a new team took over with the mission to transform the brand to focus on high quality dental care.

Partners since

300 dental care clinics


We have had the honour to help Vitaldent successfully reach their goals with our technology, shifting the focus to satisfying their patient base and boosting recurrency. We implemented: 

  • Post-treatment monitoringour post-treatment and patient satisfaction booster
  • Patient satisfaction monitoring: collecting patient feedback to continuously improve service 

These solutions have now been rolled out in close to all of their 300 clinics.


687,4% ROI with newly generated revenue, excluding efficiency savings.

Improved patient satisfaction and loyalty (results from May 2018 to May 2019)

Added satisfaction (NPS) points
% more responses to satisfaction questionnaires after using Aftercare
% more promoter (highly satisfied) patients

Added satisfaction (NPS) points 


more responses to satisfaction questionnaires after using Aftercare


 more promoter (highly satisfied) patients

“FollowApp has helped us better understand the needs of our patients and given us the tool kit to help connect and care for our patients conveniently in real time wherever they are. With Followapp we are able to provide an even better service that has lead to an important increase in patient satisfaction and engagement.”

– Itziar Álvarez-Coca, Project Manager

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